Emanare, 2016


Social sculpture

12 fifteen-feet shipping containers, 1 thirty-feet shipping container

The containers are arranged to form a spiral which is intended to break the monotony of the carpark grid — a typical non-place that exists in our urban environment. The atypical arrangement of shipping containers in a spiral form also tends to intensify and enrich the experience of walking through the exhibition. 

There are two proposed routes of walking through this exhibition; one is by making a round trip on the periphery of the spiral, another by entering the spiral directly. Two different tracks provide two different sets of artists, grouped according to two main notions based on their artistic practices. The outside route represents artists’ works that deal with society and social concern at large, whereas the inner route represents artists whose works manifest a state of being rooted in visceral and intimate reflections. 

This social sculpture is an artwork which uses the creation of a new urban structure to evoke fresh thinking and engagement in public space, exploring art’s potential to transform society and experiences in this domain.

Commissioned work by SCOUT, Singapore
Jan 19 - 24

3D Visualisation & Animation: Ulli Burger

Photographer: Paolo Ty



On-site Overview & Measurements

3D Map Print


Site simulation from the animated sequence

Site simulation from the animated sequence

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