Photo Credit: Ulli Burger
Installation View, SIGNALS, 48H Neukölln, Berlin. Photo Credit: Ulli Burger.



Installation in public space
Location: Berlin Neukölln, Germany
Duration: June 19 - June 21 , 2020
2 x 2 x 2 M
Traffic cones, Reflective pigment 45um, LED lamps, Open pipe clamps, Grid construction made of round bar steel, Powder coating.

Converged as a spherical entity, the traffic cones propel forward in unison. This embodies our contemporary global system, where a solitary event exerts an instant and extensive impact owing to our interconnectedness. It emphasizes the intricate interplay and consequential interdependencies within complex systems. This interdependency also stirs introspection. The installation delves into the intensifying acceleration between cause and effect that defines our present existence.

Commissioned by SIGNALS, 48H Neukölln ︎