Installation View, Schrebergarten in Weimar, Germany. Photo Credit: Jennis Li Cheng Tien.



Site-Specific Installation in public space
Location: Schrebergarten in Weimar, Germany (Kleingartenanlage Silberblick e. V., Steinhügelweg 1)
Dimensions: 3,64 x 3,20 x 0,73 M
Various Sport Equipments, Scaffolding, Wooden Crib, Belts
Format: Installation 3,64 x 3,20 x 0,73 M, Video Documentation 1’22”

This project emerged from my research on the origins of the “Schrebergarten” and the unconventional practices of Mr. Schreber. He devised contraptions reminiscent of modern gym equipment and conducted experiments on his children, driven by his belief in the necessity of releasing children’s excessive energy.

Amidst the winter landscape, the installation seamlessly merges with the snow. In this specific site and context, the original purpose of the equipment transcends into a realm of absurdity, accentuating its transformative nature.

Still from the video documentation.

Still from the video documentation. Credit: Jennis Li Cheng Tien.

Exhibition view, 'Fast & Furious', 2013, Hallen am Wasser. Photo Credit: Jennis Li Cheng Tien
Video Documentation